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In these days of social media and the coming of age at a music festival, are crowd managers considering what they are doing with crowd management on campsites or are they plodding along with what they have always done.

Having spent a year researching the development of campsites within the music festival scene through an academic approach, I am now looking at a more free form of discussing what I observed and passing it on. Academic work, with referencing and methodologies are restrictive of a fluid thought process; well that is my point of view.

In carrying out the research I looked at the following:

Ingress  – If you build it, they will come. Well that is the idea anyway. So how do they get there, how do they get in and what do you do to make it safe. (LINK)  
Circulation – what has changed on campsites with crowd management in mind. The moving of customers and what is provided for them (LINK)


Egress  – how do your customers leave at the end of the fun and games. (LINK)


(Taking the DIM ICE model produced by Professor G K Still and looking at campsites with it)

Social requirements (LINK)


Are promoters taking into account the changes in their customers’ requirements? It looks like they are; but are the crowd managers?

What is the next step? (LINK)


What can we do to stay ahead of the curve

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