Netherlands WWII Ceremony crowd rush

Crowd stampede at Netherlands WWII ceremony

About 60 people have been injured in Amsterdam at a ceremony for victims of war being attended by Queen Beatrix.

Dutch Royal in security scare as dozens injured in Remembrance Day stampede

THE HAGUE (Dutch News)- Around 50 people were injured when panic broke out during the Remembrance Day commemorations attended by thousands of people in central Amsterdam on Tuesday evening.

Queen Beatrix and Dutch royals scatter after man shouts ‘bomb’ at remembrance service

The apparently disturbed 39-year-old, who police said had a history of drugs-related offences, began shouting during a silence at the event in Amsterdam.

Dutch police detain man over royal ceremony bomb panic

A man is being held in custody after scores of people were injured at a war remembrance ceremony attended by Dutch monarch Queen Beatrix. Panic broke out among spectators, who feared a possible bomb attack.

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