This is a collection of information in regards to the death of Three teenagers and 30 injured people at a free concert at the Francisco de Miranda Park in Caracas, by the Venezuelan trap singer Netro Shorty.

The Information is taken from news reports, twitter feeds and videos.

The following are Google Translations of local news reports.

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Three dead and dozens injured by a stampede during a concert in Caracas 10 NOV 2019 – 19:47 CET

The human avalanche came before the performance of a ‘trap’ singer in a park in the capital of Venezuela

Three dead teenagers and 30 injured people were the balance of a human stampede recorded on Saturday minutes before a free concert at the Francisco de Miranda Park in Caracas . A limited contingent of National Guard troops and park ranger groups was present before incidents erupted in the recital of Venezuelan trap singer Netro Shorty. The uniformed were overwhelmed by a mob estimated at 8,000 people, almost all of them minors. The chaos broke out in the immediate vicinity of the park after a group of young people tried to jump a fence to enter an event in which the organization was marked by negligence and improvisation.

Zaira Medina, director of the Pérez de León Hospital, where almost all the injured were treated, reported that two of the victims, aged 14, respond to the names of Daniela Rodríguez and Bárbara Calderón. Once the dam of the organization, Civil Protection, Paramedics and the Firemen of the Capital District had broken down, they flocked to attend to the victims.

The concert was to be organized in an open-air amphitheater located at the entrance of Miranda Park, known as La Concha Acústica. Shortly after the excesses, the concert that took place despite the tragedy was moved to the back of Simón Bolívar Park, which communicates with the Miranda via a bridge. In the midst of the confusion, this Saturday videos proliferated of people throwing objects and bottles on the stage, prey to indignation, and running around the premises.

Neither the organizers of the concert, nor the park authorities, have taken responsibility for the tragic balance. The National Parks Institute, in charge of administering Miranda and Simón Bolívar, issued a confused statement on social networks shortly after in which he “deeply regrets” what happened in an organized call “without the permission of the authorities” and “without presence of the organizers ”. The statement requires the organizers of the concert “to take responsibility for the facts” and summons “the competent authorities” to investigate.

Neutro Shorty, the convening artist, issued statements shortly before the concert. “I came to sing them for free, I didn’t come to fuck them, or you promised a political pod, or anything. What is happening is sad, the children are passing out, I feel bad when I see their faces. I don’t want this to continue happening. ”

After what happened, the general prosecutor of the Chavez regime, Tarek William Saab, reported that the public prosecutor commissioned the prosecutors in charge, assigned to the Division of Integral Protection of the Family, to investigate what happened and establish responsibilities.

Rap concert start ends in stampede with a dead teenager and 50 injured 06:50 PM / 09/11/2019

A teenager of 14 years and at least 50 injured left on Saturday, November 9, a stampede in a park in Caracas where a rap concert was going to take place, Civil Protection authorities and the Fire Department reported.

The event happened when hundreds of people were waiting for the doors of the Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda Park, former Parque del Este, iconic green area of ​​the capital of Venezuela, to open a free concert by Venezuelan rapper Liomar Acosta, known as “Neutro Shorty. “

The crowd began trying to force entry and “climb the perimeter fences, which yielded, causing the stampede,” Miguel Balza, Civil Protection coordinator in the Caracas Metropolitan Area, told AFP.

The deceased adolescent, who has not been able to be identified, was trapped under the bars “and people passed her over,” Balza continued.

“I didn’t have any documentation,” the official added.

Missing “organization” and “security,” Karina Nazarelli, a 49-year-old woman who had taken her 13-year-old daughter and two friends to the place, told AFP.

The journalist Román Camacho through a Twitter account @RCamachoVzla, in addition to disseminating videos, reported that at least “about 8,000 people would have attended the free Banderas Blancas concert. They began to jump the bars to enter faster.” 

Several of the injured were taken to hospital emergency centers, most of them due to suffocation and polytrauma, a source from the Fire Department of the Capital District told AFP.

Videos broadcast by local media show dozens of young people climbing the trellis to enter the park before the accident occurred. The concert was canceled by the organizers.

More than a year ago, another stampede shocked the people of Caracas.

On June 16, 2018, 18 people died after a tear gas bomb exploded in a nightclub in western Caracas, where young people celebrated their high school graduation.

A young woman dead and dozens injured in a stampede at a concert in Caracas November 9, 2019 – 8:35 PM

The stampede occurred when the crowd tried to force the entrance and jump the gates and they yielded.

A young woman died and at least 20 people were injured this Saturday during a stampede in a free concert organized in a park in Caracas attended by tens of thousands of teenagers and was suspended minutes after its start.

“So far 20 people are injured and one deceased from bruises and injuries,” the Immediate Response Unit of Venezuela reported without further details , through its account on the social network Twitter.

The crowd arrived in the early hours of the morning to the Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda Park and since then the disorder began to access with dozens of young people climbing the fences and running from one place to another, within the vast green space of the largest park in the Venezuelan capital.

Dozens of firefighters, police and paramedics arrived at the place and established points of attention.

The relief and emergency personnel refused to offer information on the balance of the injured or to confirm the reports of other media outlets according to which the total number of injured people is close to half a hundred or that the deceased was a minor .

Other dozens of members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB, militarized police) guard the immediate vicinity of the site.

The recital had as its main attraction the Venezuelan singer Liomar Acosta , known as ‘Neutro Shorty’, who on Saturday announced on social networks that the place of the concert had been changed , within the same park, due to the large influx.

Neutro, as his 973,000 followers on Instagram call him, is an exponent of the trap genre and is famous for songs related to weapons, drugs and various problems of Venezuelan society.

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