NeverAlone Event Control Manager is a control desk management application, designed to take the specific needs of the event security company in to account. The software can be installed on a system based on a single Windows laptop, or server based to run on multiple workstations.

NeverAlone Event Control is designed with ease of use in mind, with everything being only a couple of clicks away, and with information being presented in an easy to read fashion to the operator, meaning everything the security control operator needs to see is at their fingertips.


With NeverAlone Event Control we understand that paper is still needed on certain occasions. For this reason, the NeverAlone Event Control software comes with a suite of reports for different occasions. Incident logs, ideal for providing to the emergency services to show timescales and incident details which can now include imagery taken at the time and either emailed in, or copied from a memory card/camera; Reunited Persons/Property receipts, allowing the controller or security officer to ensure that evidence is taken to ensure that missing persons are only handed over to the appropriate persons. During the running of an event, graphical reports showing the ingress and egress, along with crowd density information for all stages within your arena are available at the touch of a button, allowing the ELT (Emergency Liasion Team) to have up to the minute information and dynamically re-plan the event around crowd movements where required.

Event closure with NeverAlone Event Control is a simple affair, and it’s easy to produce both detailed log reports for your own records, or a simple event overview summary report for your client; whether it’s to give them a summary of how you’ve performed, or as evidence of how the safety of the event was managed in order to help with future licensing upgrades. In addition to the summary report, photographic evidence can be attached and displayed on the final report, and graphical summaries of the flow at each gate are able to highlight where staff could be better deployed throughout the day.



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