Port Chester, New York Gulliver's nightclub fire 10/06/1974

25 Years Later, Disco Fire Haunts Its Survivors

PORT CHESTER HISTORY: The Deadly Fire at Gulliver’s

Deadly Fire at Gulliver’s – Today in History: June 30

In the early morning hours of June 30, 1974, a rock group called Creation was blaring away when the first wisps of acrid smoke drifted into Gulliver’s, a nightclub that straddled the Port Chester, New York, and Greenwich, Connecticut border. Then, according to one of the survivors, “smoke came in really quickly and there was almost a stampede for the stairway.”

Site of 24 Deaths Lacked A Fire Detection System

PORT CHESTER, N. Y., July 1—The lack of an emergency fire ‐ detection system and a physical layout that caused scores of patrons to flee to a single exit were cited by investigators today as the major reasons why 24 people died and 32 were injured when a fire flashed through Gulliver’s night club here early Sunday.

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