Australian Crime Commission (ACT) Act 2003

Boxing Control Act 1993

Crimes (Assumed Identities) Act 2009

Crimes (Child Sex Offenders) Act 2005

Crimes (Surveillance Devices) Act 2010

Drugs of Dependence Act 1989

Emergencies Act 2004

Firearms Act 1996

Gambling and Racing Control Act 1999

Human Rights Act 2004

Information Privacy Act 2014

Intoxicated People (Care and Protection) Act 1994

Liquor Act 2010

Major Events Act 2014

Mental Health Act 2015

Motor Sport (Public Safety) Act 2006

Personal Violence Act 2016

Prohibited Weapons Act 1996

Protection of Public Participation Act 2008

Security Industry Act 2003

Smoke-Free Public Places Act 2003

Terrorism (Extraordinary Temporary Powers) Act 2006

Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011


Nation-wide it is estimated 65% of calls to Emergency Triple Zero (000) are made from mobile phones, with many people unsure of their exact location. This makes it difficult for operators to accurately and quickly dispatch emergency services.

The Emergency+ App offers callers the ability to verbally provide emergency operators with their location information as determined by their smart phone’s GPS functionality.

It also provides users with the contact numbers and a short explanation of when to call other service for support numbers such as the Police Assistance Line (131 444) and the State Emergency Service national call centre (132 500). ACT Policing receive on average 2200 calls a month to Emergency Triple Zero (000), with around 50 per cent not attributable to a life-threatening emergency.

The Emergency+ App was produced and developed by Fire & Rescue NSW and the Triple Zero Awareness Working Group. The ACT Emergency Services Agency receives an average of 5000 calls to Emergency Triple Zero (000) a month.


Fires Near Me

This is the official service of the fire services in Australia made available for a range of mobile devices.

This application provides information on current incidents throughout the ACT, surrounding NSW region and the rest of the country. It also provides information on total fire bans.

Fires Near Me was produced by and is managed by the NSW Rural Fire Service. The ACT Emergency Services Agency provides a live data feed of fire incident information into the application.

The application gives users the ability to source information on incidents near them, using the ‘Fires Near Me’ function.




Provision of toilets at Public Events


Legal issues to consider when holding events

This fact sheet covers:

  •  permits that your community organisation may need to obtain prior to holding an event
  •   what to think about when hiring a venue or equipment
  •   copyright, marketing and promotions and other issues
  •   event insurance
  •   legal obligations around event safety
  •   providing accessible events and activities
  •   sponsorship for an event
  •   raising money – laws that regulate fundraising in the ACT, and
  •   tax considerations concerning events.


code-of-practice-for-crowd-controllers (embedded DOC)


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