Referencing UK

Referencing UK

Referencing UK

Referencing to assist crowd safety managers in relation to events within the United kingdom. We have gathered together relevant referencing material to assist your planning and research.

Alternative Uses Of Sports Grounds


Alternative Uses of Sports Grounds provides much needed advice for sports grounds hosting concerts, religious gatherings and other events that differ from the usual sporting events held at a ground. As artists and promoters seek to reach a wider fan base, sports grounds are increasingly viewed as ideal concert venues as they have excellent facilities, are able to hold large numbers and are experienced in managing crowds.

The Purple Guide

The health, safety and welfare and music and other events

Accessing the Purple Guide

There is a subscription of £25 for 12 months  access to the Purple Guide website, including all updates and additional guidance that may be added during that period. All funds raised through subscriptions will be used solely for funding the work of the EIF and particularly the costs of maintaining and extending the Purple Guide. EIF is not run for commercial profit.

The Green Guide

Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds 6th Edition– Available Now

November 1, 2018

The sixth edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds, also known as the Green Guide, is now available to purchase.

The Green Guide helps sports grounds owners and operators calculate a safe capacity for their venue.  It is used around the world by architects and designers as a best practice guide for the development and refurbishment of stadiums.  The new sixth edition offers the latest expert advice and technical specifications on ensuring a safe environment for spectators.

The Safety at Sports Grounds – The Green Guide

The Event Safety Guide – The Purple Guide

Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974

Private Security Industry Act 2001

HSE Guidance to running events safely

Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007

Licensing Act 2003

Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957

Civil Contingencies Act 2004

Emergency preparedness- Guidance on part 1 of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004

Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969

Equality Act 2010 code of practice

Disability Discrimination Act 1995  

Live music Act 2012

REGULATORY REFORM, ENGLAND AND WALES The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Fire Safety Risk Assessment Open Air Events And Venues

Practical Fire Safety Guidance For Places Of Entertainment And Assembly

Fire Safety Risk Assessment Large places of Assembly

Fire Safety Risk Assessment Small and Medium Places of Assembly

Fire Safety Risk Assessment Open Air Events and Venues

Guide to Fire Precautions in Existing Places of Entertainment and Like Premises

Understanding Crowd Behaviours: Guidance and Lessons Identified

Understanding Crowd Behaviours: Supporting Evidence

Managing crowd safety in public venues: A study to generate GUIDANCE FOR VENUE OWNERS AND ENFORCING AUTHORITY

Managing crowds safely A guide for organisers at events and venues

Crowd Management Measures – FA good practice guide for football clubs

Fire Safety Risk Assessment Theatres, Cinemas and Similar Premises

Lightning Risk at Outdoor Concerts and Events- Download link

Counter Terrorism Protective Security Advice for Cinemas and Theatres

Managing safety in Bars, CLUBS AND PUBS


A review of the management of crowd safety at outdoor street/special events- Prepared by the Buckinghamshire New University for the Health and Safety Executive 2010

The mass psychology of disasters and emergency evacuations: A research report and implications for practice Dr John Drury and Dr Chris Cocking Department of Psychology University of Sussex

The causes and prevention of crowd disasters- John J. Fruin, Ph.D., P.E. United States of America ( Link not available )

Crowd Management and Control: Preventing Crowd Disasters During the Hajj – Anders Johansson

Practical fire safety guidance for places of entertainment and assembly – Scotland

Security at events Guidance on the Private Security Industry Act 2001 – SIA

Accessible Stadia – The National Association of Disabled Supporters (NADS)

Use of flares in football stadiums – FOOTBALL FANS, SMOKE BOMBS AND FLARES –FACT SHEET

The Kerslake Report:

An independent review into the preparedness for, and emergency response to, the Manchester Arena attack on 22nd May 2017

kerslake_arena_review_printed_final (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Kerslake Arena Final Report – Website Link

Police Scotland – Charging for events- STEP – BY STEP GUIDE TO THE ASSESSMENT MATRIX PROCESS

ACPO /APA – Paying the bill 2 – ACPO/APA Guidance on charging for police services

Major crowd catastrophes J.F. Dickie – UK

A particle model of crowd behavior: Exploring the relationship between alcohol, crowd dynamics and violence- UK

Guide for organisers of small events



IN THE RARE EVENT OF a firearms or weapons attack

Function Central- Function Central (the UK’s leading live music booking agency) we share an in-depth online resource about the duties and responsibilities of an event organiser for planning and ensuring health and safety during an event.