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Roskilde Festival 30th June 2000

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During the headlining set by the band Pearl Jam, nine festival-goers died in a crowd related incident. Twenty-six people were injured, three of them seriously. Of the fans that died; all male, their age ranged from 17 –26

Never to be forgotten

Henrick Bonbebjer                              Age 22

Carl – Johan Gustafsson                    Age 20

Anthony Hurley                                   Age 24

Frank Nouwens                                  Age 23

Marco Peschel                                    Age 26

Jakob Svensson                                 Age 17

Allan Tonnesen                                   Age 17

Fredik Turesson                                  Age 22

Unnamed Victim                                 Age 22


(we would like to apologise about the missing name from the list of vitims, we will add this as soon as possible)



Eight people have been crushed to death in Denmark at one of Europe’s biggest music festivals.

The accident happened during a performance by the American rock group, Pearl Jam, at the Roskilde annual festival near Copenhagen.

Police investigating the tragedy at the Roskilde Festival submitted a report to the Danish Parliament finding Pearl Jam, rather than the event’s organizers, “morally responsible” for the disaster that claimed nine lives, according to the U.K. music magazine, NME.

The members of rock band Pearl Jam, in self-imposed seclusion since nine fans were killed during their June 30 performance in Denmark, have broken their silence to defend their actions at the show and demand that authorities investigate the tragedy more closely.

The organisers of Denmark’s Roskilde Festival have promised to improve security and crowd control for next year’s event.

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On Friday, June 30th, at 10:15 P.M., Per Johansen reported for duty. A volunteer security guard at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival, Johansen took up his assigned position in the narrow pit between the crowd barrier and the Orange Stage, the largest of the festival’s seven performance areas, and looked out at the approximately 50,000 fans waiting to see Pearl Jam.

On June 30, 2000, every band’s worst nightmare came true for Pearl Jam.

It had been raining. The festival grounds of the Roskilde Festival in the sleepy farm town of Roskilde, Denmark were soaked. At 10:30 p.m. on June 30, 2000, Pearl Jam took the stage, looking out at 50,000 cold and damp fans.It had been raining. The festival grounds of the Roskilde Festival in the sleepy farm town of Roskilde, Denmark were soaked. At 10:30 p.m. on June 30, 2000, Pearl Jam took the stage, looking out at 50,000 cold and damp fans.

Nine rocks is a film about guilt, sorrow but also of finding ones new place in life after the tragic and life changing experience.

Roskilde is an unassuming town. It is located on the island of Zealand in Denmark. The town itself dates back to Viking times. Since 1971, the city has been holding a rock festival. Originally started by two high school students and a promoter, the festival was eventually taken over by a foundation that has run it since 1972. In the summer of 2000, Pearl Jam took the stage as the headlining act on the orange stage. By the time the night was over, eight people lay dead crushed among the crowd (another would die later)

The first ever staging of the Roskilde Festival near Copenhagen, on the island of Zealand, Demark, was in 1971. It had progressively grown from humble beginnings to be one of Northern Europe’s biggest musical festivals. Annually, tens of thousands of music fans visit Roskilde at the end of June. Some of the worlds biggest acts have played there, including Status Quo, U2, Lou Reed, Eric Clayton, Metallica and Leonard Cohen to name a few. On 30th June 2000, Pearl Jam was playing as a headline act at Roskilde. Unfortunately, for fans, event organisers and Pearl Jam, the 2000 event will only be remembered for its tragedy.

This year’s rock festival in Roskilde was hit by the shock on the opening day, where Pearl Jam played at Orange Stage for at least 50,000 spectators. The crowd pressed so violently towards the stage, to the keen breakwaters and staff of security guards nothing could do.

At the Love Parade in Duisburg died 19 under panic and shoving in a large crowd. At Roskilde Festival died nine in 2000.


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afgivet af den af regeringen nedsatte arbejdsgruppe vedr. sikkerheden ved musikfestivaler

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