Santika Club nightclub crowd incident 01/01/2009

Disturbing details in Thai blaze inquiry

It was just after midnight in the Santika, a popular Bangkok night-club stylishly decorated like a faux-gothic church.

Two jailed over deadly Bangkok night club fire

Two people have been jailed in Thailand over a fire in a Bangkok nightclub that killed 67 people.

Owner Wisuk Sejsawat was sentenced to three years in prison, as was Boonchu Laosrinak, who was responsible for pyrotechnics at the club.

Fireworks or electrical fault blamed as 59 killed in Bangkok nightclub blaze

Dozens of charred bodies wrapped in white cotton sheets lay outside the Santika nightclub last night as the death toll in the Bangkok fire tragedy continued to rise and fire crews moved in to douse the embers of what remained of the building.

More than 50 dead in Bangkok nightclub fire

Police in Thailand say more than 50 revellers have been killed in a fire in a nightclub in central Bangkok’s Thong Lor district, which is popular with Thais and foreign tourists.

Blaze at Bangkok club kills at least 59 revelers

BANGKOK, Thailand — A fire swept through a high-class nightclub jammed with several hundred New Year’s revelers early Thursday, killing at least 59 people and injuring more than 200, officials said.

Santika Club: Haunted Nightclub In Bangkok That Perished In Flames & Its Lingering Spirits

Santika Club was one of Bangkok’s most frequented and renowned clubs, often packed every weekend with famous Thai artists for exciting parties. Today, however, it’s known as the subject of an infamous tragedy. On the fateful night of New Year’s Eve in 2009, the pub was engulfed in flames mere minutes after the clock struck midnight. 

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