Seoul, South Korea, Halloween crowd incident 29.10.2022

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Seoul crowd crush: what we know so far about Halloween deaths in Itaewon

At least 150 people died when large crowd surged in narrow alley of South Korean nightlife district, officials say


What caused the Halloween crowd crush in South Korea

South Korea searches for answers after Halloween festivities leave 151 dead

Seoul, South KoreaCNN — 

South Korea is searching for answers after Halloween celebrations in the capital Seoul turned into one of the country’s worst disasters, with authorities declaring a national mourning period as they investigate how a chaotic crush left at least 151 people dead.

At least 151 killed in Halloween crowd crush in South Korea

Officials say most of the victims in the stampede in Seoul’s Itaewon district were women and young people in their 20s.

Itawon, Seoul, South Korea – area of the incident

Seoul Halloween crush: Aftermath of disaster in pictures

South Korea is in shock after more than 150 people – many of them teenagers – died in a surging crowd packed into an alley in the capital.

Crowd crushes: how disasters like Itaewon happen, how can they be prevented, and the ‘stampede’ myth

Crowd crushes are wholly preventable, predictable and avoidable, experts say. Here is what we can learn from the Halloween crowd crush in Seoul

Itawon, Seoul, South Korea – area of the incident

South Korea mourns after Halloween crowd crush kills at least 151

SEOUL — Officials said they have identified most of the victims of a deadly crowd crush during Halloween celebrations in the South Korean capital, Seoul, on Saturday evening that left at least 151 dead and about 82 injured. The priority now is to “identify 100%” of the deceased and to provide support to their relatives, a presidential spokesperson said.

South Korea in mourning after crowd surge kills 153 at Halloween party

South Korea’s President Yoon Suk-yeol declared a period of national mourning on Sunday after a Halloween crush killed some 153 people in a packed nightlife area in Seoul.

At least 146 dead after stampede during Halloween festivities in Itaewon, South Korea

Footage from the scene shows people giving CPR to victims lying motionless on the pavement.

Crush kills at least 151 at Halloween festivities in Seoul

A mass of mostly young people celebrating Halloween in Seoul became trapped and crushed as the crowd surged into a narrow alley, killing at least 151 people and injuring 82 others in South Korea’s worst disaster in years.

It’s a crush… It’s a collapse… It’s… Wait, that’s No Stampede!

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Amalia Voskanyan,
Ritu R. Sarin,
Michael S. Molloy and
Gregory R. Ciottone

Nation in mourning after at least 151 dead and over 80 injured in Seoul Halloween crush

South Korea is mourning the deaths of at least 151 people, mostly in their teens and 20s, who got trapped and crushed after a huge Halloween party crowd surged into a narrow alley in a nightlife district in Seoul.

153 die, 103 injured in Halloween crowd crush in Korea's Itaewon

Scores died Saturday in Itaewon in a horrific crowd crush during the first Halloween celebrations since most Covid-19 restrictions were lifted.
The tragedy left Korea in shock and wondering how an evening of fun could turn fatal for so many so quickly, and how one of Seoul’s most iconic locations could be left looking like war zone in a matter of minutes.  

Itaewon crush: South Korea police admit response was inadequate

South Korea’s police chief has said their emergency response to the Itaewon crush was “inadequate” – the first acknowledgement from officials that they did not do enough to prevent it.

Crush kills at least 151 at Halloween festivities in Seoul

A mass of mostly young people celebrating Halloween in Seoul became trapped and crushed as the crowd surged into a narrow alley, killing at least 151 people and injuring 82 others in South Korea’s worst disaster in years.

Understanding Itaewon, the Site of Seoul’s Recent Catastrophe

The burnt orange glow of subway line 6 has always been synonymous with anticipation. Itaewon is situated smack in the middle of the line, and hipsters, youngsters, and foreigners exit the carriages in droves.

Could Itaewon tragedy have been prevented?

With the nation in shock with the overnight tragedy from the crowd surge at Halloween festivities in Itaewon, questions surfaced about the lack of safety control and crowd management over the event.

Four factors behind the tragic Itaewon crowd surge

South Koreans are searching for answers after 154 lives perished Saturday in what was meant to be a fun Halloween night out in Itaewon.

South Korea: Police chief charged over Seoul Halloween crush

Seoul’s chief of police has been charged with negligence more than a year after a Halloween crush left 159 young people dead in South Korea.

Kim Kwang-ho is the highest-ranking police official to be charged in relation to the tragedy, according to local media reports.

‘Nothing Has Changed’: Families of Itaewon’s Crowd Crush Victims Aren’t Ready to Move On

He had first heard about crowd trouble in Seoul’s nightlife district of Itaewon on evening news bulletins, but it was a call from his wife that made panic set in. Their 21-year-old daughter, Yujin, had set off to celebrate Halloween in Itaewon last Oct. 29 with a friend, who had phoned to tearfully explain that as the melee grew denser she had lost grip of Yujin’s hand and consciousness soon after.

South Korea's Yoon blocks new probe of 2022 Halloween crowd crush

SEOUL, Jan 30 (Reuters) – South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol blocked on Tuesday a bill to launch a new probe into a Halloween crowd crush that killed 159 people in Seoul’s Itaewon district in 2022, in a move slammed by the opposition and relatives of the victims.

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