Spain, Zaragoza, Flying nightclub fire 14/01/1990

World IN BRIEF : SPAIN : 43 Die in Disco Fire at Zaragoza Resort

Fire broke out in a basement discotheque in Zaragoza early today, and 43 people died of smoke inhalation, a government official in the northern Spanish city said.

Fire Sends Toxic Fumes Through Disco; 43 Dead

ZARAGOZA, Spain (AP) _ A fire at a discotheque Sunday sent poisonous smoke pouring into a lounge where people sat listening to music, and at least 43 people were overcome by the fumes and died, officials said.

43 dead in Spanish disco fire

MADRID, Spain — Fire and toxic smoke raced through a discotheque in Zaragoa early Sunday, killing 43 people, many of whom choked to death before they could get out of their seats, radio and civil officials said.

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