Sri Lanka, Kurunegala terror attack 01/04/2001


04/01/2001: Eleven people were killed, including the attacker, and at least 150 were injured when a man threw a grenade into a stadium crowded with concert-goers in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.

Bomb blasts claim 11 lives at Sri Lankan concert

A bomb attack at a large concert gathering in Sri Lanka in the early hours of April 1 has highlighted the increasingly widespread activities of gangs of thugs. Many of them are made up of ex-soldiers or deserters, who have links to the military, police and political figures.

Blast hits Sri Lanka concert, many casualties

A powerful explosion ripped through a packed stadium during a musical show in northwestern Sri Lanka early today, causing scores…

11 killed in concert bomb blast

Eleven people were killed and 158 wounded when a bomb exploded at an open air concert in north west Sri Lanka today.

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