Supernova Festival Terror Attack 7/10/2023

According to some accounts, there were up to 4,000 people in attendance. From the footage, they appear to be mostly under 30.

They had gathered in a remote area of southern Israel for the Supernova festival – an event that had promised dance, music, art and drinks at a secret location.

How the Hamas attack on the Supernova festival in Israel unfolded

The Supernova music festival, billed as “a journey of unity and love” with “mindblowing and breathtaking content”, began at around 10pm on Friday, just hours after the end of Israel’s week-long Sukkot religious festival.

Israeli music festival: 260 bodies recovered from site where people fled in hail of bullets

For weeks, excited music-lovers had looked forward to the Supernova festival, held in the desert in southern Israel to coincide with the Jewish festival of Sukkot.

Music festival revelers in the Israeli desert were massacred by Hamas militants

As thousands of people danced at a music festival in an Israeli desert area in the early hours of Saturday, Hamas militants from Gaza descended upon the revelry.

Inside Israel’s Supernova Festival: My terror as Hamas bombs fell on us during desert rave

It was 6am. Most of the attendees, including a British and a German citizen, had not been to bed and were dancing to trance music under multicoloured tents set up for the Supernova festival.

'Like a shooting range': How Israel's Supernova festival turned to gun fire, kidnap and terror

What was supposed to be a night of dancing and partying for thousands of young people, quickly turned to gunfire, kidnapping and deadly chaos.

What we know about the Supernova festival where Hamas militants killed hundreds of attendees

WARNING: This story contains details of the incident and photographs that some readers may find distressing. But instead of partying, hundreds of young attendees were murdered, and others were left running for their lives.

Israel-Hamas war: Survivors tell how Hamas targeted Supernova festival traffic jam in worst terror attack in Israeli history

Timeline of the Hamas attack on the music festival that left hundreds dead in Israel

Terrified festivalgoers fled in panic as Hamas fighters parachuted into an all-night rave and opened fire, taking hostages and killing indiscriminately.

Desert horror: Music festival goers heard rockets, then Gaza militants fired on them and took hostages

Hundreds reported killed at Israel music festival near Gaza

An Israeli rescue service says it has removed at least 260 bodies from the site of the Supernova music festival that was attacked as part of Hamas’s unprecedented assault on Israel. Several attendees were reportedly taken captive.

'Butchered in cold blood': nightmare at Israel music festival

‘I Was Saved by a Miracle.’ A Survivor Recounts the Horror of the Hamas Attack on Israel’s Supernova Festival

Arbel Ashkenazy attended the Supernova festival on Friday night, a desert rave that coincided with the start of the week-long Jewish holiday of Sukkot, which celebrates the fall harvest and commemorates the Old Testament story of the Jewish people wandering in the desert for 40 years after escaping slavery in Egypt. The festival featured Brazilian psy trance music and focused on free love, spirit, and environmental preservation.

At Least 260 Killed At Israeli Music Festival In Hamas Attack—Attendees Describe ‘Horror Movie’

An outdoor concert and dance party in a rural area near the Gaza-Israel border turned into tragedy Saturday, when many attendees were killed or taken hostage by Hamas militants from the Gaza Strip, adding to hundreds of Israeli casualties in the unprecedented attack.

The unthinkable has happened again. Early Saturday morning at the Supernova music festival in Israel, Hamas militants fired rockets and gunfire at the unsuspecting crowd. Gunmen chased guests into the desert to shoot from close range or kidnap them. People ran if they could, or hid and played dead and hoped that wouldn’t become their reality. As of this writing, the death count at the festival is more than 260 people, with many more injured. This is not an event story, any more than the two most deadly mass shootings in U.S. history, at Pulse nightclub and at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, were event stories. Rather, the victims are collateral damage in someone else’s war, a battle far greater than any event. The Event Safety Alliance is writing because we feel that as an organization committed to safety at live events everywhere, it’s important to say something. But honestly, what is there for an event professional to say that will shed any light in this horrific darkness? We stand with, and grieve with, all innocent lives affected by this atrocity. We wish we could do more, and yet we feel that the most we can do right now is to not act as if this is normal, or acceptable. Beyond that, our sadness renders us speechless. ___ Event Safety Alliance October 9, 2023

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