Talking Crowd Safety

In this page we have collected YouTube videos with leading members of the event safety and crowd management industry.  This includes Webinars that have been conducted during the down time in 2020

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Was ist Crowd Management? Crowd Management in Deutschland.

KOKO Crowd Management

Risk, safety and emergency management for events and festivals

The Event Tutor

Jim Goddard

event safety blog

Eurosonic discussion: Crowd safety improvements via digitalization

AMENA smart displays

Managing the Crowd


Coffee and Crowds S1E1

Coffee and Crowds

Søren Eskildsen

event safety blog

Security Matters: Venue & Live Event Safety in 2017, All That Matters 2017


LETPC2018 Event Safety & Security Discussion


Mark Breen

event safety blog

SGSA | Spectator Safety in a Changing World

Sports Grounds Safety Authority

Coffee and Crowds S1E2

Coffee and Crowds

#EventInsights LIVE Panel Webinar – Embracing Risk and Making the Tough Calls

Safe Events

Darren Crossman

event safety blog

From the Colosseum to Wembley: crowd watching through the ages

Academy of Ideas

Crowd Psychology and Mass Gathering – Dr. John Drury, University of Sussex

World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine

#EventInsights webinar – Introduction to Event Management & Incident Command

Safe Events

Crowd Planning and Management

Prolight and Sound China

Utilising What3Words in Crowd Operations by Josh Rayner, hosted by Andy Hollinson.

Crowd Safety Training

How to assess the crowds needs: Direction – Space – Time – Flow

IFTC & Emergency Planning College EPC

Integrated Emergency Planning for Crowded Places with Emma Parkinson. Hosted by Andy Hollinson

Crowd Safety Training

Edinburgh Napier University | Lectures | Prof. Chris Kemp: Assessment & Management of Crowded Space

Edinburgh Napier

Pedestrian, Crowd and Evacuation Dynamics


Using Group Psychology to Enhance Crowd Safety – Professor John Drury

Crowd Safety Training

Less queuing, more safety – the power of crowd simulations | Angelika Kneidl | TEDxTUM

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