The Krampuslauf collection

The following is a collection of incidents that have occurred at the Krampus runs in recent years. This information was shared by Martin Bardy. Much of the information will be in German and the in site translator can be used to help you.


Austria's Krampus Parade: The Complete Guide


Incidents at Krampuslauf in Carinthia

Violent incidents during Krampus runs are reported from Carinthia. In Villach, for example, members of a Krampus group clashed with foreigners. There are four injured, some seriously.

Carinthia: Several incidents at Krampus runs

A teenager threatened a 16-year-old with a alarm pistol. In Villach there was a brawl with seriously injured.

Salzburg: Two injured at Krampuslauf

The pre-Christmas season has not even begun, there are already two injured in the province of Salzburg at a Krampus run in Saalfelden on Sunday night. In the first case, two spectators clashed. A 24-year-old threw a 20-year-old to the ground in the course of the dispute and kicked him underfoot. The younger suffered a shoulder injury. Later, a 28-year-old Krampus actor attacked an 18-year-old and headbutted him.

Boy seriously injured at Krampuslauf

At the weekend, a boy was seriously injured in a Krampus parade in Braunau. The ten-year-old was hit by a barrier, breaking his metatarsal.


Visitor seriously injured Krampus (22)

Just in time for the start of the season, the first incidents: At the weekend, the big Perchtenlauf in Neumarkt an der Ybbs got out of hand. One of the Krampuses was injured so badly that he will be out for months due to illness. A visitor had grabbed the 22-year-old by the horns and forcibly twisted his head. He suffered a cervical vertebra injury.

Krampuslauf: Witch seriously injured visitors

At a Krampus run in Mittersill (Pinzgau), a 16-year-old spectator was seriously injured. A Pinzgauer dressed as a witch is said to have punched the teenager from Tyrol in the face with his fist and seriously injured him.

Villacher Perchtenlauf: Injured children and raging spectators

Villach – Yesterday, November 29, 2019, the traditional Villach Perchtenlauf took place. Around a thousand Krampuses and Perchten moved through Villach’s city centre. But not everything went smoothly during the one-and-a-half-hour spectacle. 5 minutes readers tell us about scratches on children’s faces and two injured Krampussen.

Visitor seriously injured Krampus (22)

For once, the other way around: One of the mask wearers was injured during a Perchten run.

Krampus beats woman excessively hard at Christmas market: "Infinitely strong pain and shock"

Tanja D. from Miesbach actually just wanted to drink a mulled wine with a friend at the Tölz Christmas market. Suddenly, she sank to her knees with a sharp pain.


Again injured at Perchtenlauf

On Sunday afternoon there was another incident at a Perchtenlauf in Carinthia. In Zell bei Ebenthal (district of Klagenfurt), a 33-year-old woman was grabbed by a Perchte on the upper body, with both falling to the ground, police said. The woman suffered injuries and was taken to the Klinikum Klagenfurt by ambulance.

Krampusse beat up spectators

At least six injured claimed a Krampus parade in Carinthia. What consequences the organizer now draws.

Perchtenlauf out of control: Six injured

A Perchtenlauf in Völkermarkt got out of hand on Saturday night. Some of the masked attacked spectators, six people were injured. It took the police an hour to bring the Perchten under control.

Krampuses are not aware of any guilt

Six people were injured on Saturday during a Krampus parade in Völkermarkt (Carinthia). Members of a Krampus group from the district of Liezen are also said to have attacked spectators.

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