Throb Nightclub crowd incident 25/03/2000

13 children die in disco stampede

Thirteen children were killed and 44 injured after a teargas canister was thrown into a crowded disco in Durban, South Africa, yesterday, causing a stampede.

Children die in South African disco

Thirteen schoolchildren died during a stampede in a daytime disco in South Africa’s eastern coastal city of Durban on Friday.

Paying tribute to Madiba and victims of the Throb tragedy

This once in a lifetime opportunity came when my former school, was invited to the official inauguration of the Chatsworth Youth Centre in 2003.

Murder charges after nightclub deaths

Three men have been charged with murder in connection with the deaths of 13 children, who were killed after a teargas cannister was thrown into a disco in the South African city of Durban on Friday.

Two Throb accused confess

Durban – Two of the accused in the Throb nightclub tragedy on Wednesday admitted their involvement in the incident to the Durban High Court.

Throb mastermind apologises for murders

The man behind the tragic Chatsworth Throb nightclub disaster that saw 13 teenagers die, has apologised for his actions and pleaded for forgiveness.

Two Throb victims tell of tragedy

Durban – Two Throb nightclub victims who survived the March 24 tragedy in which 13 teenagers died and over 100 were injured in a teargas attack, made an emotional plea on Thursday for justice to be done.

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