Uganda, Kanungu, Kanungu church fire 17/03/2000

Uganda Cult Deaths Remain a Mystery

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) _ Two years ago, hundreds of followers of a doomsday cult were burned alive inside a locked church in Uganda. Hundreds more were found buried under the homes of cult leaders.

Gov''t cleared of Kanungu massacre claims

Parliament has cleared the Government of accusations of inaction in the fire that burnt about 600 people to ashes in Kanungu district 14 years ago.
The tragedy has come to be known as the Kanungu inferno.
This was after a lengthy discussion on Tuesday on the report by the defence and internal affairs committee that probed the massacre that happened at the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments Church.

Uganda's Kanungu cult massacre that killed 700 followers

Judith Ariho does not shed any tears as she recalls the church massacre in which her mother, two siblings and four other relatives were among at least 700 people who died.

The cult killings that shocked the world

On March 17, 2000, the world woke up to horrifying news of the death of over 500 followers of the Movement for the Restoration of Ten Commandments of God church in Kanungu village, Kanungu district in southwestern Uganda.

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