Ukraine Lviv Sknyliv airfield explosion 27/07/2002


DEADLY PERFORMANCE. Ukrainian Militarys Prestige Crashes on Lvov Airfield. (By Svetlana Stepanenko. Vremya novostei, July29, 2002, pp.1-2. Condensed text:) Kiev A national day of mourning was declared in Ukraine today in memory of the victims of the terrible tragedy that occurred Saturday [July27] at Lvovs Sknyliv Airfield.

Ukrainian, Russian papers assess plane crashes

Newspapers in Russia and Ukraine have begun to dig deeper after the weekend’s air disasters in the two countries, and come to some grim conclusions.

Two Sknyliv boys seven years later

Seven years have passed since the Sknyliv tragedy, which is considered the world’s worst airshow disaster in terms of the number of casualties. Let us recall Sknyliv’s awful “harvest”: on July 27, 2002, 77 people were killed (including 28 children) and nearly 250 were injured after a Su-27 plane crashed into the crowd of Lvivites and city’s guests on the Sknyliv airfield to watch the show.

Pilots blamed for Ukraine air disaster

Ukraine’s chief prosecutor says “criminal negligence” by pilots and military officials caused the world’s worst air show disaster.


PILOTS CONVICTED FOR DISASTER DURING AIR SHOW. (By Roman Kirillov. Izvestia, June 27, 2005, p. 6. Condensed text:) The Military Appellate Court for Ukraine’s Central Region passed sentence Friday [June 24] on the men responsible for the disaster that occurred on July 27, 2002, during an air show at Sknyliv Airfield [see Current Digest, Vol. 54, No. 30, p. 16]. While performing an aerobatic maneuver, an SU-27 jet crashed into a crowd of spectators, leaving 77 people dead and another 543 injured. The commander of the plane’s crew, Vladimir Toponar, was sentenced Friday to 14 years in prison, and copilot Yury Yegorov got eight years. …


UKRAINIAN PILOTS FAILED TO OBEY FEMALE VOICE. (By Grigory Rudenko. Kommersant, Aug.2, 2002, p.5. Condensed text:) Kiev Ukrainian Defense Minister Vladimir Shkidchenko yesterday apologized to the nation for the air disaster outside Lvov [see Current Digest, Vol.54, No.30, p.16]….

Ukraine crash report blames pilots

The crash of a fighter jet at a Ukrainian air show which killed 85 people was caused by pilot error, an official report into the incident has concluded.

Lviv area residents remember Sknyliv air show disaster of 2002

LVIV – Ruslan Pavlovych had an exceptional interest in flying for a 9-year-old. He had many toy planes, his mother Natalia said, and he would drape a cloth around his shoulders for a cape and jump from tables as Superman.

Ramstein And Sknyliv: The World's Deadliest Air Show Disasters

A look back at the chain of events of the two crashes and the lessons learned from them.

Disaster at the Air Show

ONE OF THE MOST tragic accidents in recent history is hard to reach concrete conclusions about because there are no published investigation results and no final report to be read. The accident took place at Sknyliv Airport, near Lviv in the Ukraine, in July 2002. Fourteen years later, the local community has still not recovered.

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