Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City The Blue Disco 28/10/2002

Dozens killed in Vietnam blaze

A major fire has engulfed a building housing offices of foreign companies, shops and a disco in Ho Chi Minh City, killing at least 54 people, Vietnamese officials and media say.

Welders arrested over Vietnam fire

Two welders have been arrested in Vietnam following a fire at an office complex in Ho Chi Minh city which killed more than 60 people.

At least 48 die in disco fire in Ho Chi Minh City

VIETNAM: A fire believed to have started in a disco swept through a five-storey commercial building in south Vietnam’s Ho Chi…

'We could see many hands waving at us from the balcony and hear people screaming for help.'

Before the thick black clouds of smoke billowed from the International Trade Center into the blue October sky above the city center, it was a beautiful, sunny day in Saigon. The rainy season was over, which meant no sudden downpours soaking the streets, and the air was filled with cool breezes.

Scores Die in Ho Chi Minh City Fire - 2002-10-29

A fire in a six-story office building in Vietnam has killed at least 54 people. Rescue workers did not have equipment to immediately reach trapped office workers.

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