Widya Manggala Krida Stadium crowd incident 19/12/2006

Philippines: Fatal game show stampede an exploitation of social despair

The fatal crowd stampede that occurred on February 4 at the entrance to the PhilSports sporting arena in Pasig City, Manila, reveals the poverty and desperation afflicting workers in the Philippines.


(SomaliNet) The Indonesian police Wednesday summoned the event organizers of the Tuesday’s rock concert in Central Java that ended in a crush in which 10 people were killed and dozens others injured.

Manila stadium stampede kills 73

A stampede outside a sports stadium in the Philippine capital, Manila, has left at least 73 dead, many of them women, with more than 300 injured.

At least 74 killed in Manila stadium stampede

At least 74 people were trampled to death early Saturday in a Manila stampede outside a stadium where thousands of people had gathered to watch a TV game show, the Philippine Red Cross said.

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