Working With Crowds Ltd

Welcome to the Working With Crowds Ltd consultancy; a service unlike any other. Through years of experience in the events industry, we have tailor fitted our services to be adaptable to your requirements. Using the latest techniques and technology our delivery is fast and efficient. Taking into account budgets, complexity and revision our services are versatile to your needs.

What can we offer you.

Delivery of a full and comprehensive crowd management plan for your event or events. Using a robust planning method, embracing the latest crowd related management techniques.  Constructed in conjunction with your event management plan, event space, target audience, licensing requirements and multi agency requirements. Working With Crowds will provide the service you need…..

Often overlooked or planned on the page, Working with Crowds will develop your events evacuation requirements into a manageable working plan. Ensuring you have a reliable and serviceable plan for your security and safety providers. What can Working With Crowds do for you…….

Developed over the years of working on events, Working With Crowds has developed a Risk Assessment to add to the events Risk Assessment suite. Specifically looking at the audience, their actions, interactions, activity and associated risks. Develop your assessment and safety delivery…..

Each event space is unique and how this is used by those attending is never the same. Your event may be new to the site, you may have taken over service of an established event space or you are looking to review your use of the space the services you provide. Working With Crowds can assess your site to ensure you are delivering a safe event……..

Not all events or event spaces are simple and easy to use. This complexity can hinder the event planning stages in preparation for SAG presentation. This report looks at your event space and further afield, from arrival to departure. Get ahead of the curve on your event planning and see what Working With Crowds can create with you……

Through our years in delivery of crowd safety, we know what to expect from a crowd and what is hazardous. Working With Crowds implements this knowledge into our crowd modelling services. Constructing simple or detailed models, our aim is to test your event space for safe evacuation. Modelling, does not provide the solutions, it tests the plans and environments you are creating. The use of a safe test environment takes away doubt and allows for adjustment. Allow Working With Crowd to assist you developing your events in safety and removal of doubt and risk……….

Developed in partnership with Crowded Space Drones, this unique service provides the latest in site mapping and crowd modelling developments. Working from your control room an accurate crowd model will be created during the course of your event. This can be validated through CCTV and Drone images of your crowd. Let our companies assist your control room to take safety assessment and understanding beyond any other…………….