The following has been gathered from secondary websites, news and presentations.

Some of the terminology contained in the headings and body of these links is misleading. These have been taken from press articles, websites and videos. The use of the word stampede and panic is not what you will find to be the causes of the incidents shown. The information provided is reflecting the articles written and it is being left to you to interoperate what you see and read and come to your own conclusions. Please also not that this list only refers to gatherings involving events such as concerts, sports, night clubs (entertainment). There is only inclusion of some significant events out with this.


California,Altamont Rolling Stones concert crowd incident 06/12/1969


Covington, Ga. (AP) – A speeding drag racing car roared out of control Sunday at the Yellow River Drag Racing Strip, cutting a bloody swath through spectators, killing 11 and injuring 40 to 50 others.

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Covington, Georgia Yellow River Dragstrip crowd incident 02/03/1969

On June 23, 1968, in El Monumental after a match between the two teams 71 fans were killed in a crush at gate 12 and 150 fans injured.


The Puerta 12 tragedy 23/06/1968

On June 23, 1968, in El Monumental after a match between the two teams 71 fans were killed in a crush at gate 12 and 150 fans injured.


Turkey, Kayseri, Atatürk Stadium crowd incident 17/09/1967

There had always been keen competition for regional supremacy between the neighboring Turkish cities of Kayseri and Sivas, but this had never spilled over into serious violence – until 1967. Provincial amateur football clubs were encouraged to merge in the mid 1960s to create single dubs capable of holding their own in the new Second Football League, a nationwide third tier for Turkish -professional football.

Three clubs in each city amalgamated to form Kayseri Erciyesspor and Sivasspor respectively. They went toe-to-toe for the first time in September 1967, providing the perfect opportunity for rival fans to strut their stuff – a confrontation inflamed by the fact that both teams were sharing top spot in the league. Around 5,000 supporters of Sivasspor headed for Kayseri the day before the match, flooding bars and less salubrious houses of entertainment. Quarrels broke out, fans were stabbed and police made 50 arrests.

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USA Springfield, Illinois, Illinois State Fair crowd incident 20/08/1966

Three people died and 38 more were injured on Aug. 20, 1966, as Illinois State Fair workers were preparing a catwalk for a planned demonstration by U.S. Army Green Berets. The accident was the worst ever in state fair history.

The Green Berets intended to demonstrate how they were trained to rappel down from helicopters to rescue wounded soldiers in Vietnam. The plan involved stretching a taut rope 100 feet from the catwalk atop the fairgrounds grandstand to the ground.

All those involved believed the catwalk had been welded to the roof deck, according to testimony at a Sangamon County coroner’s inquest held Aug. 25. In fact, the structure was supported only by four angle irons attached to the deck with wood screws.

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Lima Stadium crowd incident 24/05/1964

318 people are killed and another 500 injured in riots at National Stadium after Argentina beats Peru in an Olympic qualifying match


Brazil Rio de Janeiro Niterói Circus Gran Circus Norte-Americano fire 17/12/1961Brazil

On December 17, 1961, a fire at a circus in Brazil kills more than 300 people and severely burns hundreds more. The cause of the fire was never conclusively determined but it may have been the result of sparks from a train passing nearby.

Christmas week was just beginning, the children had just begun their winter vacations, and spirits were high for the 2,500 in attendance at the Gran Circo Norte Americano, the Brazilian version of America’s Ringling Brothers. The large blue-and-white tent was set up across the bay from Rio de Janeiro and was filled to capacity. All seemed to be proceeding as planned when disaster struck suddenly.

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