Night Clubs and Bars

Although the atmosphere is a busy bar can be entertaining and provide enjoyment and a bit of a buzz, there is a fine line between busy and overcrowded. All premises will have a capacity on them and breaching this will entail a hefty fine and possibility of lose of licence. This will not stop bar managers/owners pushing the limits though, or maybe just going on a bit. Things to consider

  • If there is not a door supervisor at the door, who ensures the capacity is kept to.
  • Not everyone has the same moral standards and the possibility of making more money by squeezing in a few extra folk is very tempting.
  • Do you have to slowly move through a packed room when you are going to the bar or toilet? This can be uncomfortable and is an evening entertainment not about enjoyment. If someone is not providing an environment that is comfortable, do they really have your best interests in mind?
  • Keeping in mind all that has been mentioned before, you can avoid crowded and so potentially dangerous situations


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