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Understanding Crowd Responses to Perceived Hostile Threats: An Innovative Multidiscplinary Approach

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Spontaneous public response to a marauding knife attack on the London underground: Sociality, coordination and a repertoire of actions evidenced by CCTV footage

Diversifying the fan experience and securitising crowd management: a longitudinal analysis of fan park facilities at 15 football mega events between 2002 and 2019

Public behaviour in response to perceived hostile threats

Public behaviour in response to perceived hostile threats : An evidence base and guide for policymakers and practitioners

Global mass gathering events and deaths due to crowd surge, stampedes, crush and physical injuries – Lessons from the Seoul Halloween and other disasters

Compression asphyxia and other clinicopathological findings from the Hillsborough Stadium disaster

Understanding collective flight responses to (mis) perceived hostile threats in Britain 2010-2019: a systematic review of ten years of false alarms in crowded spaces

Extreme Value Analysis Extreme Value Analysis: its potential use in crowd safety planning

Mick Upton

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