On this page we will look at products that may assist in pushing the industry forward. There are a multitude of products that are now diluted from the original product and have become a standard operational item. With the acceleration of information technology and digital platforms, what could be possible game changers.


Vario 2 MG:  BIOTENSIDON special fire extinguisher

the world’s first extinguisher of Bengal torches / magnesium / metal fires

The events industry is fighting a losing battle against the flare, they appear at football games and concerts; an item that can cause injury if misused. Is this product the game changer?


Body Worn Surveillance Systems

Wireless CCTV’s new 3G body-worn solutions have been developed in order to satisfy the growing demand for body-worn surveillance equipment whether that equipment is covert or overt.

The 3G body-worn solutions strongly improve security for agents in the field and allow supervisors to coordinate tactical operations involving multiple agents, while reducing the need for paperwork. Wireless CCTV has developed a range of overt solutions such as the Camera Vest and Belt options.

When response to incidents has to be fast a decisive, could this product assist in the decision making process. CCTV plays a massive part of a modern control room, but does it lack the on the ground view. We still rely on radio messages and descriptions of the goings on. Could this product assist? A POV of the incident beamed back to the control room.


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