The following has been gathered from secondary websites, news and presentations.

Some of the terminology contained in the headings and body of these links is misleading. These have been taken from press articles, websites and videos. The use of the word stampede and panic is not what you will find to be the causes of the incidents shown. The information provided is reflecting the articles written and it is being left to you to interoperate what you see and read and come to your own conclusions. Please also not that this list only refers to gatherings involving events such as concerts, sports, night clubs (entertainment). There is only inclusion of some significant events out with this.


Burnden Park disaster 09/03/1946

The Burnden Park disaster was a human crush that occurred on 9 March 1946 at Burnden Park football stadium, the home of Bolton Wanderers. The crush resulted in the deaths of 33 people and injuries to hundreds of Bolton fans


London, Bethnal Green Air raid 03/03/1943

The Tube station had regularly been used by up to 7,000 Londoners at a time to shelter from German bombing raids.

When the sirens began at 20:17 GMT on 3 March, 1,500 locals hurried to the shelter but, although the raids were anticipated, no-one was on duty and only one door was open.

Roars from new anti-aircraft guns in nearby Victoria Park were mistakenly thought to be enemy bombs and the crowd surged forward in panic.

One woman, clutching her young child, lost her footing and fell, pulling an elderly man down with her.

Bodies quickly piled up at base of the steps, whilst those at the top, unaware of what had happened continued to try and force their way down.

A seething mass of women and children, all wearing thick clothes and gasping for air quickly developed. Though some escaped, 173 people, overwhelmingly women and children were asphyxiated.

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