Undergradute Membership Area

Working With Crowds

Crowd safety

disaster management

emergency management

event management

An area designed to assist those going though studies in the various fields of keeping people safe. 

We will be taking the lead from lectures and program leads on key content in the fields of crowd safety, emergency management, disaster management and event management (focusing on safety).

As a new section to the website, this is still under construction and we will be building into this as we go. We  will not be directly sharing content, but abstracts to core reading on the subject, and where we can a link to journals. 

How to become an Undergraduate Member.

Join Us – this will provide you with a Free membership.  Then contact us from your college or university email address, let us know where you are studying and what you are studying. We will then sort out your access. 

Over the next while we will be adding content to the pages, if you think that your fellow undergrads would benefit from a book, journal, video or other resource, then let us know. 

Do you want to share your dissertation or working paper? Then let us know, we would be happy to help you out.


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