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Continuation of a series of Blogs by workingwithcrowds
Mini Blogs 1
  • Crowd profiling – labelling your customers
  • Oh! Won’t somebody thing of the stewards
  • Knowledge is power
  • The events industry and the zero hours contract silence.
  • Who is the head of security at your festival?
  • Do we live on a knife edge?
  • The growing trend of the end of season pitch invasion – can it be prevented?
Mini Blogs 2
  • When football fans win
  • Egress Efficiency Calculation…..what?
  • RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!!!!!!
  • The Elephant in the room?
  • Does pay and training create loyalty?
  • It all in the wording
  •  Is cheaper the better option?
  • Bad Man!
  • The struggle will only get harder
  • Spot the difference 
  • Where are the limits?
  • ………but the Law won
  • The answer to the question, lies in social media.
  • Inner City Blues
  • You have to be swift to keep up with the Swifties
  • Barriers to match audiences.
  • Standing up for making change
  • Pay it forward
  • To pin, or not to pin? That is the question
  • Did you hear the one about the bouncer in a field?
Mini Blog 3
  • Considerations or fear of crowd modelling
  • An honest point of view
  • Back in the Pits
  • The frustration of operations vs academia
  • The weather effect
  • Is selling out your festival a good thing?
  • Just what have we been up to at Working with Crowds?
  • HB 183 Crowd Management and Crowded Places (Standards Australia).
  • Consume to queue to consume to queue…..repeat till the end
  • Nice Terror Attack – Was it a case of us burying our heads in the sand
  • Is the good life coming to an end for the Blue badge?
  • Is it a festival or Tough Mudder?
  • Distance, its hard to appreciate.

Flow rates and searching

Crowd Management Campsites

Educating yourself on Crowds

Front of Stage – In the Pits

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