Continuation of a series of Blogs by workingwithcrowds


Mini Blogs 1

  • Crowd profiling – labelling your customers
  • Oh! Won’t somebody thing of the stewards
  • Knowledge is power
  • The events industry and the zero hours contract silence.
  • Who is the head of security at your festival?
  • Do we live on a knife edge?
  • The growing trend of the end of season pitch invasion – can it be prevented?

Mini Blog 2

  • When football fans win
  • Egress Efficiency Calculation…..what?
  • RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!!!!!!
  • The Elephant in the room?
  • Does pay and training create loyalty?
  • It all in the wording
  •  Is cheaper the better option?
  • Bad Man!
  • The struggle will only get harder
  • Spot the difference 
  • Where are the limits?
  • ………but the Law won
  • The answer to the question, lies in social media.
  • Inner City Blues
  • You have to be swift to keep up with the Swifties
  • Barriers to match audiences.
  • Standing up for making change
  • Pay it forward
  • To pin, or not to pin? That is the question
  • Did you hear the one about the bouncer in a field?

Mini Blog 3

  • Considerations or fear of crowd modelling
  • An honest point of view
  • Back in the Pits
  • The frustration of operations vs academia
  • The weather effect
  • Is selling out your festival a good thing?
  • Just what have we been up to at Working with Crowds?
  • HB 183 Crowd Management and Crowded Places (Standards Australia).
  • Consume to queue to consume to queue…..repeat till the end
  • Nice Terror Attack – Was it a case of us burying our heads in the sand
  • Is the good life coming to an end for the Blue badge?
  • Is it a festival or Tough Mudder?
  • Distance, its hard to appreciate.

Flow rates and searching

#In 2017, workingwithcrowds conducted a study of ingress flow rates out with sports stadiums turnstile systems. It is hoped that this can be shared in the second half of 2017. 


Crowd Management Campsites

In these days of social media and the coming of age at a music festival, are crowd managers considering what they are doing with crowd management on campsites or are they plodding along with what they have always done.

Having spent a year researching the development of campsites within the music festival scene through an academic approach, I am now looking at a more free form of discussing what I observed and passing it on. Academic work, with referencing and methodologies are restrictive of a fluid thought process; well that is my point of view.


Educating yourself on Crowds

After spending time looking at crowd disasters and the dynamics of how it happens I am always left asking the same question, how did all those people get into the position where they lost their lives; surely they could see the danger they where in?

In the field of crowd management we look at events and mass gatherings and implement year’s worth of learning from the mistakes of the past to prevent it happening again. We spend our time looking at maps, plans, strategies, staffing deployments, information and management processes. Do we ever look at it through the eyes of the customer though, the families, couples, kids, the over excited, nervous and lost?


Front of Stage – In the Pits

The history of concerts and the development of health and safety has been well documented over the years; including working at the front of stage in a stewarding capacity. Through the use of orchestra pits, to scaffolding poles, demountable barriers to college courses, safety has developed at a steady pace.

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