Crowd near miss 2021-40

Crowd near miss 2021-2040

The following is a collection of information in relation to crowd related incidents that were very close to a loss of life


Notting Hill Carnival

Although there is no reports of serious injury, it cannot be overlooked that the 2022 carnival came close to a serious crowd related incident. 


47th National Junior Kabaddi tournament. Seating collapse

Over 100 people were injured when a gallery of a stadium collapsed during a Kabaddi tournament in Telangana’s Suryapet on Monday. The injured have been admitted to a local hospital. Two of the seriously injured have been referred to Hyderabad for better medical care. 

Wembley Stadium UEFA EURO 2021 Final


This collection is put together for the purpose of learning, not to blame or accuse. A crowd incident happened and it was dealt with. For crowd safety practitioners it is important to understand how could this have happened in the way it did and what we can do to improve in the future.

This has been added to the near miss collection because that is what it was. This event came under unprecedented attack by non ticket holders in attempting to breach the stadium. This could have lead to serious injury or the game being abandoned.

Although the focus is on the troubles outside the stadium, it must be remembered that this was the first full capacity event since the pandemic lockdowns and 60,000 people attended with the purpose of enjoying the match. Our focus on the external problems have tarnished this and taken the focus off of what was the conclusion of a fantastic tournament.


Nationals Park False Alarm

Gun fire external of the stadium lead to spectators self evacuating and sheltering in place. 


Playboi Carti concert canceled NRG Houston

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