The “near miss” collection We are have started a new page on the website. Looking at the near […]
US capitol insurrection 06.01.2021 On the 6th January 2021, what started as a political rally, became what some […]
Course Material Behavioural Awareness DOWNLOAD CONTENT We put together a PowerPoint based presentation a few years back. This […]
Future research avenues to facilitate social connectedness and safe collective behavior at organized crowd events Anne Templeton read […]
Photo by Nsey Benajah Case Studies in “mass panic” We have added a new slide deck to out […]
Trying to run before we can walk, from vaccination to live events. Twitter Long-time no blog. What can […]
Undergradute Membership Area Working With Crowds Crowd safety disaster management emergency management event management An area designed to […]
Members Area We have introduced a new feature and area to the website, a members area. This is […]
Public behaviour in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: understanding the role of group processes   Published online by […]
A study of group effects in pedestrian crowd evacuation: Experiments, modelling and simulation WeiXie, Eric Wai MingLee, TaoLi, […]

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