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Khmer Water festival Phnom Penh crowd incident 22/11/2010

The Phnom Penh crowd crush occurred on 22 November 2010 when 347 people were killed and another 755 were injured during the Khmer Water Festival celebrations in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh


Nyayo National Stadium, Kenya crowd incident 24/10/2010

Seven fans died from a stampede while trying to get into a football match between two of Kenya’s most popular teams, the Kenya Red Cross said on Saturday. Six people were killed when they were run over by the crowd outside Nyayo National Stadium, and one more died after being taken to Kenyatta National Hospital, said Red Cross spokesman Titus Mungo’u.


California race spectator incident 15/08/2010

LUCERNE VALLEY, Calif. — The crowd at the off-road race could almost touch the trucks as they hurtled and bounced over the desert sand. They were close enough for one mistake to end eight lives.



Love Parade crowd incident Duisburg

Pratapgarh janki temple crowd incident 04/03/2010

The Pratapgarh stampede was an incident that occurred on 4 March 2010, at Ram Janki temple in Kunda, Uttar Pradesh,India, that killed at least 63 people and seriously injured over 100 more

Timbuktu mosque crowd incident 26/02/2010

Twenty-six people, at least half of them children, were killed in a stampede near a mosque in Timbuktu, Mali, according to a journalist who witnessed the incident.

Moulaye Sayah, who works for National Radio and Television of Mali and Mali’s News Agency, both state-run, said at least 41 people were injured in the stampede, which occurred Thursday night during the Muslim festival of Mouloud, outside Djinguereber mosque.



Lame Horse nightclub Khromaya Loshad 05/12/2009

The Lame Horse fire occurred on December 5, 2009, around 1 a.m. local time in the nightclub Khromaya Loshad

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Tent collapse incident Slovakia 18.07.2009

One person has died after a giant tent collapsed on a crowd of concert goers at Slovakia’s biggest music festival, reports say. Another 40 were injured – 15 seriously – when a gust of wind lifted and then brought down the tent during a rain storm in the western town of Trencin.

Mawazine festival Moroccan 23/05/2009

At least 11 people have been killed in the Moroccan capital Rabat, following a stampede at a world music concert.Some 40 were injured when a wire fence collapsed at the Mawazine festival.

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Houphouët-Boigny crowd incident 29/03/2009

The 2009 Houphouët-Boigny stampede occurred on 29 March 2009 in the Stade Félix Houphouët-Boigny in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire before a 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification match between Malawi and Côte d’Ivoire.

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Santika Club nightclub fire 01/01/2009

The Santika Club fire occurred on Thursday 1 January 2009, in the Santika Club nightclub in Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand,


Chamunda Devi temple Jodhpur 30/10/2008

A human stampede occurred on September 30, 2008, at the Chamunda Devi temple in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, in which 249 people were killed and more than 400 injured


Wuwang Club Fire 22/10/2008

The fire began when a stage fireworks gun misfired and crowds exited into one badly-lit exit.


Matokeo stadium crowd incident 14/09/2008

KINSHASA, Congo – Accusations that a football player was using witchcraft during a local match in eastern Congo sparked a riot that killed 13 people, a UN-funded radio station reported Monday.

Most of the victims were between the ages of 11 and 16, Radio Okapi said. They were suffocated during the mayhem Sunday in Butembo in eastern Congo’s North Kivu province.

Radio Okapi said police tried to control the violence at Matokeo stadium by firing guns into the air to protect their commander, who was hit in the head and wounded by fans.

The two local clubs involved were Socozaki and Nyuki System, the radio said.

Dozens of teenagers marched through Butembo’s dirt streets Monday in protest and the regional governor paid a visit to the hospital.

North Kivu has been the epicentre of clashes between Congo’s army and rebels over the last year. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced in the violence.


Hindu temple of Naina Devi crowd incident 03/08/2008

A human crowd crush at the Hindu temple of Naina Devi occurred on 3 August 2008 in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. 162 people died when they were crushed, trampled, or forced over the side of a ravine by the movement of a large panicking crowd


Al-Mureikh football stadium crowd incident 13/07/2008

July 13, 2008 (KHARTOUM) — A stampede killed 23 people at a Sudanese football stadium on Sunday as a graduation ceremony for youth embarking on their national service was being held, said police and hospital officials.

“Crowds trying to get into al-Mureikh football stadium in Omdurman led to the deaths of 23 people. The majority of them are women and children, and 36 people were injured who are now in Omdurman Hospital,” said Sudanese police in a statement.

Relatives flocked to the stadium in Khartoum’s twin city of Omdurman to watch youth graduate after their basic training before the onset of their one-year obligatory military service.

Morgue official Talal Mohamed said 23 bodies, including children, were brought to the morgue after the incident in Khartoum’s twin city of Omdurman.

The graduation celebration still went ahead in the presence of Defence Minister Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein and Presidential Adviser Nafie Ali Nafie.

Witnesses at the stadium said there were huge numbers of people pushing at the doors and access was poorly organised. They heard ambulance sirens but did not see those who were killed.


Divine nightclub Mexico crowd incident 21/06/2008

Mexico City’s mayor has accused police of making serious errors during a raid at a packed nightclub which led to the deaths of 12 people in a stampede.


Bandung crowd incident 20/02/2008

Bandung metal band Beside was holding a concert of their first album launch entitled Against Ourselves at AACC building. The concert started at 19:00 (local time). According to many sources, the building where the concert took place was capable to accommodate 500 people.

The number of attendants of the concert exceeded the capacity of the building where the concert was taking place. There were estimated 800 to 1000 people watching the concert. Apart from the attendants in the building, there were others who were outside of the building. When the concert concluded at 20:30, the panic started as the attendants were leaving the building. As the building was unable to accommodate so many attendants, the air circulation was greatly decreased and the attendants were suffering from asphyxiation, suffocation, dehydration and jostling. The lack of medical staffs caused the impacted attendants to receive no proper medical attention. It was reported that there were a number of people lying on the floor and did not receive medical attention at all.


Indonesia Concert crowd incident 09/02/2008

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, ten young people were trampled or crushed to death as hundreds of music fans tried to force their way out of a concert Saturday night (February 9) by the Indonesian melodic death metal band BESIDE in Bandung, Indonesia.



Heineken Jammin' Festival Crowd Incident 15/06/2007

In the afternoon of 15 June 2007, while Le Mani were playing, a strong downburst hit the park. Six steel towers supporting the PA system collapsed and 25 people were injured, and a young woman was crushed to death. The festival stages and equipment were also damaged, and the organizers were forced to cancel the performances of My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, The Killers and Pearl Jam. The police took control of the festival area and the festival was cancelled


Isle of Man TT accident 08/06/2007

LONDON (Reuters) – A rider and two spectators died in the final event of the Isle of Man TT on Friday in a crash that cast a pall over the 100th anniversary celebrations of motorcycling’s oldest and deadliest road races.

The official TT Web site (www.iomtt.com) named the rider as 34-year-old Briton Marc Ramsbotham, a married man and newcomer to the event.

One spectator died at the scene of the accident, the 26th milestone on the mountain course, and another later in hospital. Two more were injured.

The Norfolk rider was competing in the six-lap Senior TT (Tourist Trophy), a blue riband event watched by tens of thousands of visitors to the island as well as former champions including John Surtees and Giacomo Agostini.

An investigation was under way into the causes of the accident.

The deaths, on a circuit that before Friday had claimed 223 lives since the inaugural Tourist Trophy race of 1907, overshadowed what had otherwise been a memorable close to the festival of road racing.

Briton John McGuinness won the senior TT to become the first rider to lap the island circuit at an average speed of more than 130mph.


McGuinness’s 13th TT win, after his triumph in the weather-delayed opening Superbike TT on Monday, made him the third most successful rider in the event’s 100 year history.

His fastest lap was timed at 130.354 mph, stripping 51 seconds off the previous record.

The TT course pits riders against the clock over 37.73 miles on public roads and with the start and finish in Douglas. Top speeds exceed 200 mph (320kph).

This year’s sole major incident before Friday was a crash in Tuesday’s Superstock TT that left New Zealand’s former winner Shaun Harris in a critical condition in hospital.



Widya Manggala Krida Stadium crowd incident 19/12/2006

About 10,000 fans of slow rock band Ungu (which means “purple”) attended a concert at Widya Manggala Krida Stadium, which has a capacity for just 6,000 people. When the show ended at 9.30pm, impatient fans began streaming toward the single small exit on the western side. Many fell and were trampled on, so guards opened a second exit. Ten people, ranging in age from 15 to 22, were killed. Dozens of women had passed out in similar conditions at an Ungu concert a few months earlier in Mojokerto, East Java.


Yemen Political Rally crowd incident 13/09/2006

The number of dead in a stampede at an election rally in Yemen has risen to 51.

Tuesday’s stampede occurred as people tried to leave a stadium following a speech by Ali Abdullah Saleh, the president. More than 80 people were injured.

The venue was crammed with about 150,000 people who had flocked to the rally in the run-up to the September 20 presidential and local elections and more thronged the streets outside.

Reuters reported several bodies lying in the grounds of the stadium in the southern province of Ibb.

Ambulances and police cars have taken the injured to hospital.


A reporter at the scene said: “The stadium was very crowded, people were standing on the ground as well as the bleachers.

“After the president left, people rushed to get out of the stadium and that’s when the stampede happened.”

A Yemeni official said the government would compensate families who lost a relative in the crush. 

Ibb province is about 170km south of the capital, Sana.

In Taiz province, 250km southwest of the capital Sana, at least four people were killed and 10 injured on Monday in a stampede at a similar election rally, government officials said.

Saleh, the poor country’s long-serving president and the front-runner in the poll, is touring Yemeni provinces to get support for his campaign.

Korn concert death Hi-Fi Amphitheatre 31/07/2006

A 24-year-old Douglas County man has been charged with delivering a deadly punch in a dispute over a ballcap at a heavy-metal concert, police said Tuesday.

Atlanta police and Douglas County authorities arrested Michael Scott Axley on Monday afternoon on a murder warrant in the death of 30-year-old Andy Richardson.

A brief fight Aug. 1 between Richardson, Axley and “unknown others” happened where the seats meet the lawn at the HiFi Buys Amphitheater, police say.

PhilSports Stadium in Pasig City crowd incident 04/02/2006

The Wowowee crowd crush occurred at the PhilSports Stadium in Pasig City, Metro Manila in the Philippines on February 4, 2006. It killed 73 people and injured about 400

Katowice Trade Hall roof collapse 28/01/2006

On 28 January 2006, the roof of one of the buildings at the Katowice International Fair (Międzynarodowe Targi Katowickie) collapsed in Chorzów / Katowice, Poland.

At 16:15 GMT (17:15 local time), the central section of the roof of the hall collapsed, possibly due to the weight of snow on the building. According to the police there were roughly 700 people in the hall at the time of the collapse. A further collapse occurred 90 minutes later during rescue operations. Polish government spokesman Krzysztof Mejer confirmed that there had been 65 dead as well as more than 170 injured, including 13 foreigners. There are confirmed deaths of ten foreign tourists – one from Belgium, one from Germany, three from Slovakia, one from the Netherlands, one from Hungary and three from the Czech Republic. The trade hall was hosting the 56th National Exhibition of Carrier Pigeons, with over 120 exhibitors from all over Europe. Poland was at that time experiencing very cold weather with heavy snow. This meant that the rescue operation was undertaken in sub-zero temperatures, putting the survivors inside the building at risk of exposure.

Jamaraat Bridge Saudi Arabia crowd incident 12/01/2006

At least 345 Muslim pilgrims have died in a crush during the stone-throwing ritual at the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia,


Bad Reichenhall Ice Rink roof collapse 02/01/2006

At approximately 15:00 UTC on Monday 2 January 2006, in the town of Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria, Germany, near the Austrian border, the roof of a 1970s-built ice rink collapsed, possibly under the weight of heavy snowfall, trapping 50 people underneath the rubble.

Fifteen people were killed, with the last body being recovered early on 5 January. Eight children are known to have died. Thirty-two people were injured. Weather conditions in the area were extremely severe, an avalanche having killed three people nearby earlier in the day.

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